Research Data Management


The professional handling of research data and the associated establishment of adequate research data management for the collaborative research center is one of the main tasks of CRC 1436.

We are developing an overall RDM strategy to manage the
data from the different disciplines and structures within the SFB consortium, as well as to provide data sharing solutions that meet data protection requirements while ensuring cross-project collaboration. The final goal is the integration of the
of the CRC1436 into the existing RDM structures and networks.

CRC 1436 member Abhigna Domakonda

Abhigna Domakonda

Abhigna Domakonda

I completed my Bachelors in Computer Sciences in India. I came to Magdeburg to pursue a Master degree program at the Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg in Digital Engineering. I have always had a keen affinity towards Data, its overall value to provision meaningful insights and its management methods.