Lunch & Lecture

Free lunch is nice, but free lunch with an internationally renown scientist… is better!

Next Wednesday (29.03.2023) Stephan Lammel from the University of Berkeley will visit the LIN institute and give a lecture on “Exploring neural dynamics in reward learning and motivated behavior” at 2 pm at the Ebbinghaus Saal.

At 12 noon we organized a lunch for PhD students only, to talk to the speaker. This is an incredible opportunity to expand your network and talk about your research with an experienced neuroscientist. He is from Germany and after his PhD in Marburg he moved to Stanford for his postdoc. He is therefore the perfect person to ask about how to move from one continent to another, what the challenges are and how to handle them. 

If you would like to participate, please send an email to  by Monday (27.03.2023).