Lecture with Dr. Davide Ciliberti

The Institute of Cognitive Neurology and Dementia Research is delighted to announce the lecture by Dr. Davide Ciliberti, group leader of the EFRE project ” Electrophysiology of human memory: invasive brain recording and brain stimulation” with the title: “Open-source software for closed-loop neuroscience and its application to hippocampal replay.” 

When: Monday, March 25th, 3.00 pm CET

Where: DZNE building, room 121

Abstract: Causally linking the spontaneous occurrence of transient patterns of neural activity to cognition requires the use of closed-loop experiments. Such experiments are often difficult to implement because they require real-time processing of neural signals. To simplify this process, I created Falcon: an open-source software platform designed to have high flexibility and performance in processing streaming multi-channel neural data. In this talk, I will describe Falcon and demonstrate how it can be used to classify hippocampal replay content in freely moving rats. Finally, I will give a brief overview of my future research lines in human invasive neurophysiology at the IKND.