Highlights from the inaugural edition of “Pint of Science” Magdeburg 2024

We are happy to share some glimpses from the “Pint of Science” event, held at The Hyde on the 14th and 15th of May.

The event took place in Magdeburg for the very first time thanks to the efforts of two IRTG members, Marina Leimann and Sebastian Samer, together with Sara Lacalle, to the speakers who volunteered their time and expertise, Dr. Max-Philipp Stenner, Dr. Gürsel Caliskan, Dr. David Berron, Prof. Dr. Anne Albrecht, Dr. Elena Azañon, Dr. Vladislava Segen, Prof. Dr. Oliver Stork, and Dr. Sanja Bauer Mikulovic, and with the support of the IRTG 1436.