IRTG – Graduation at OVGU

Environment of the Integrated Research Training Group

The IRTG is embedded in a vibrant research community within the CRC and the Magdeburg neuroscience campus. Doctoral candidates will be enrolled in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and medical doctorates in the Medical Faculty of the OVGU. Doctoral neuroscience education on campus is organised through the CBBS graduate program (spokesperson Oliver Stork), which bundles activities and provides information and educational support to both doctoral and postdoctoral researchers specifically in the neuroscience field. Thus, members of the IRTG have access to lectures, seminars and practical activities organised by graduate and postgraduate activities. In turn, our program is opened to other young researchers enrolled in the CBBS-graduate program wherever possible. Workshops are organised in cooperation with other neuroscience graduate schools on campus such as SynAGE (Daniela C. Dieterich, Oliver Stork) and ABINEP (Volkmar Leßmann, Constanze Seidenbecher) to allow for a maximal exchange and interaction.

The umbrella OVGU Graduate Academy provides support in all matters beyond the regular course of study, organises courses for extra-curricular skills, and co-ordinates activities to promote gender equality, diversity, and support for scientists with young children. The FME is also part of the Max Planck School of Cognition (Fellow Emrah Düzel) thereby providing members and students of the CRC a potential to interact with the schools and fellows.

The CRC PIs have a strong record in graduate training and are experienced in organizing structured graduate (MGK779, MKG854, MGK TRR 62, GRK1167, GRK2413, EU-ITNs “ECMED”, “NPlast” (coordinated in Magdeburg) and „r’BIRTH“, Leibniz graduate school “Synaptogenetics”) as well as postdoctoral education (Leibniz postdoc network “LPN”, “CBBS Science Campus”).

Integration der IRTG des SFBs 1436 in die Graduierten Akademie der Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg