IRTG – Graduate Program

We offer young scientists a structured PhD training in multiple disciplines within a highly international environment. Students choose their PhD topics, based on their specific background. Our structured PhD program offers interdisciplinary support for the development of creativity, innovative thinking and the development of skills required for independent and high-level scientific work. Students are required to achieve 45 credit points by completing the scientific education and career development modules in addition to researching, writing and successfully defending their thesis.

Enrollment at the OVGU and Graduation

PhD candidates will be enrolled as doctoral students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNW) of the OVGU. In case of foreign or non-matching university degrees, admission may be provided pending the successful completion of an individual entry exam and / or participation in specific courses at the OVGU. The IRTG spokespersons are members of the FNW admission committees (Neurobiology, Psychology) and regularly perform admission exams for candidate doctoral students.

Graduation will be performed in accordance with the regulations laid down in the Promotionsordnung of the FNW. Members of the faculty of medicine with a natural science background are explicitly accepted as formal supervisors and primary examiners of graduations in the FNW.

Group leaders at the participating institutes typically hold a secondary affiliation with one of these faculties. Young PIs with habilitation-equivalent achievements, upon application, can also be granted this function by the FNW.

The spokespersons of the IRTG will advise junior PIs about their roles in the supervision of graduate students and potential measures to achieve full independence in this respect. MD candidates will be recruited from OVGU medical students and will submit their thesis to the Medical Faculty (FME) according to the respective Promotionsordnung.