Female Perspectives on Academic Careers – Women, Mothers and Caregivers in Research

Dear female master students, PhD students, research assistants and PostDocs,

we are pleased to invite you to our workshop “Female Perspectives on Academic Careers: Women, Mothers and Caregivers in Research”. The workshop will focus on the reconciliation of motherhood or family and academia and will offer personal insights into the experiences of female professors or women who are pursuing an academic career or have reoriented, with a particular focus on parenthood and caregiving responsibilities.
Motherhood and science, how does that work? Why is the issue of reconciling family and science an important factor in the emergence of the “leaky pipeline”? How does society’s image of women as potential mothers influence career decisions? Does caregiving responsibility stand in the way of a successful career as a scientist? What impact does a decision for or against having children have on my career? Through presentations and discussions, the workshop will provide insights into the personal experiences of female professors or women who started a scientific career but then changed their orientation, with a special focus on parenthood and care responsibilities. These talks will be complemented by two workshops where participants can actively engage with the topic of potential motherhood and one’s/no desire to have children or their role as a mother in academia.
The event will take place from 08.06. to 09.06. at the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg. The event consists of a series of talks and two workshops. The lectures give an insight into the personal career experiences and challenges of women, especially mothers, in science. The speakers will share their experiences, provide participants with a perspective on compatibility issues in science, and present critical perspectives or their decision not to pursue a career in science. The two workshops complement the lectures and address potential motherhood and possible courses of action for balancing family and career. The talks will be given in German, one workshop will be in German, one workshop in English.
We invite women who aspire to or are already pursuing a career in science and whose family responsibilities are challenging. The workshop is intended to encourage women to actively address this issue and advance their careers or to show them room for maneuver and decision-making options.
Participation in the event is free of charge. Please register for the workshop by 01.05. at the following link (https://www.geometry.ovgu.de/geometry/de/buildings-p-406.html). Information about the event, the program and further information can also be found on the website.
We look forward to your participation! Anna Gebhard, Katharina Holstein, Anna Michael and Sonja Priebus