IRTG – MD Fellowships

As part of the CRC 1436 – Integrated Research Training Group, we offer MD fellowships. This fellowship is aiming at medical students who are interested in being integrated into the research and qualification program.

This program serves as an interface between clinical and biological research and aims to awaken their interest in biomedical research and to improve their understanding of clinical and scientific approaches.

  • The fellowships should be distributed (+/-) equally onto the sub-projects, according to their needs.
  • The duration of an individual MD fellowship is 12 months (3 students/year for the whole CRC).
  • The average monthly grant is EUR 964/person.
  • Usual time period:   1.04 – 31.03 & 1.10 – 30.09

Fellow selection will be made by our steering committee upon recommendation by the MD fellowship panel.

Application documents

From PI:

  1. Abstract of the project Including an explanation on how the proposed project shall contribute to the research aims of CRC 1436 2)
  2. Schedule of work packages during the fellowship period Consider that planned work packages should be feasible for a (typically research-inexperienced) MD student within the fellowship period of maximally 12 months
  3. Recommendation letter Statement of the PI regarding the selection of this particular candidate including the candidate’s interest, background knowledge, motivation and other factors that may determine suitability for the position

From MD Student:

  1. Motivation letter
  2. CV
  3. Certificate and grade of the 1st state examination (Physikum)

MD students have to pause their studies during the fellowship period. Successful applicants will be asked to provide an official release note from the medical faculty no later than 2 weeks before the start of the fellowship term.