CRC-Retreat 2022 at Burg Wanzleben

From June 28 to June 30, the second retreat of the Collaborative Research Center 1436 “Neural Resources of Cognition” took place at Burg Wanzleben. Read a short summary by our SFB member Margarita Darna here.

Gruppenbild des SFBs 1436 auf dem Retreat 2022 in der Burg Wanzleben
© Sarah Rinka

written by Margarita Darna

The second retreat of our CRC 1436 took place at the end of June in the Burg Wanzleben near Magdeburg. During the three days of the event all subprojects had the opportunity to present their individual progress and receive feedback. Additionally, top ranked researchers gave keynote lectures on their respective topics. These were Inna Slutsky, Carol Barnes, Bryan Strange, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga and Roberto Cabeza and we are very grateful for their contribution!

CRC members listen to the keynote speaker
© Julia Rödiger
SFB 1436 Mitglieder beim Mittagessen des Retreats 2022 in der Burg Wanzleben
© Julia Rödiger
SFB-Retreat 2022 in der Burg Wanzleben
© Sarah Rinka
Archery as an active break on the retreat in the Burg Wanzleben
© Julia Rödiger

A highlight of the retreat were the story telling and science slam competitions, where scientific topics were presented in a very creative and funny way in the form of short movie clips, theatrical performances and interactive discussions. The evenings closed with beer, wine and talks around the table that fostered collaborations and sparked new ideas of where neuroscience can go in the future. Taken from the words of our spokesperson Emrah Düzel: the CRC retreat was a stimulating and vibrant event that was the scientific highlight of the year; and I could definitely not agree more! I believe that we are all excited to see what happens next in our CRC and await next year’s retreat with great expectations!

Agenda / Zeitlpan des SFB 1436 Retreat in der Burg Wanzleben, erster und zweiter Tag
Agenda / Zeitlpan des SFB 1436 Retreat in der Burg Wanzleben, dritter Tag