CRC 1436 supports young female scientists

This year’s CRC general meeting was in the sign of strengthen the career of young female scientist. We were honored to welcome Prof. Carol Barnes (University of Arizona, Prof. of Neuroscience) at our general meeting. Prof. Barnes was this year’s Outstanding women in science (OWN)-Award patin and came exclusively to Magdeburg to join this event, and to give the prize to this year’s OWN-Award winner Dr. Anne Maass in person. With her visit Prof. Barnes underlined the importance of this topic.

CRC 1436 Outstanding Women in Neuroscience Award 2022 was given to Anne Maass

Dr. Maass was selected for the OWN-Award as an outstanding young female scientist within the CRC. Dr. Maass has established already her own group at the DZNE and works successfully on the topic “Multimodal Neuroimaging”. She is a part of two sub-projects within our CRC (B04 and Z03). Our CRC is very proud to be able to support our young scientists annually. 

carol barnes
Anne Maas the winner of OWN-Award 2022 in Magdeburg