4th iSCAN Symposium in Magdeburg

by Malika Schaumburg

From 04 – 06th December 2023, the fourth iSCAN (Interdisciplinary Symposium on spatial Cognition in Aging & Neurodegeneration) Symposium – a premier scientific conference on spatial navigation in aging and neurodegeneration – took place at the DZNE Magdeburg. Leading scientists from across the world presented their latest findings in aging and dementia research, both in animal and human models. Researchers exchanged ideas in fundamental, applied and clinical aspects of navigation, paving the way for the development of interdisciplinary collaborations in the future. Additionally, junior researchers presented their exciting projects during poster presentations and data blitz talks and had the opportunity to connect and discuss with international scientists.

4th iSCAN Symposium at the DZNE in Magdeburg December 2023
poster presentations at iSCAN Symposium 2023
a chance to discuss with international scientists - iSCAN Symposium 2023
4th Interdisciplinary Symposium on spatial Cognition in Aging & Neurodegeneration

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